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I have found this project very engaging and mentally stimulating. It is actually helping me to narrow my scope of possible avenues to transition to post retirement from service, and think of avenues that I have never considered.


Name of Participant

Canada Armed Forces

This is an excellent program. I took the assessment on the 3rd of December and did my debrief last night. The information provided via webcast and phone was extremely helpful in my pursuit of a new career. I highly recommend their services.


Name of Participant

Logistics, Transportation and Commissioner for Dangerous Goods

There are 3 ways to participate in the iVetX System:

StormWind brings a live, Hollywood-HD quality experience to the world of e-learning. Using proprietary technology, they create and deliver interactive online training that is truly personal and engaging.


In this instructor-led, self-paced online training course with a focus on CompTIA A+ certification exam preparation, students gain the needed knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems. They will cover the essential principles of installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, and preventative maintenance on desktop and laptop computers. 





Industry IT Certification Scholarships

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  • Includes all material in the Self-Study Program


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Crossing the bridge to an exciting new future can have endless possibilities. iVetX helps answer the questions:


What should I do next?


What skills have I developed while serving in the military?


Where will I be most successful?



If are impressed with your free talent report, there are an additional 40 pages of information waiting for you:


  • Full coaching report

    • Includes your passion or why you would do a job

    • Includes 23 competencies you have developed through military experience

  • Access to additional video content:

    • Interview - how to connect

    • Networking and approach

    • Communication

  • Whole person evaluation

  • Gain an even deeper understanding of your talents

  • Self-awareness is the key to success!